Hej! My name is
Tiago Almeida
I’m a Product Designer
and Illustrator
living in Stockholm

About —

Tiago was born in 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal. At 16, he started freelancing as a Digital Colorist, which leads to discovering illustration as one of his passions. In 2008 he completed a Master’s in Product Design at Lisbon’s Fine Arts School.

One of his most held beliefs is that a designer’s job is to bridge user needs with business and development. Therefore, designers should conduct just enough research, visualize with wireframes or mockups, and prototype as soon as possible to enable stakeholder/development alignment and, just in time usability testing.

He also advocates that designers should learn to code (he his a nerd for HTML, CSS, and JS), and that no company is too small to have a Design System (he has been a contributor in 5 of them in the last few years).

Today, you can find him at Klarna, scaling design for Klarna.com, thanks to Gloss, a local design/code library part of the Klarna Design System.

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Work —

Ericsson Design System

What if a company rebranding could be about more than communication design? That's the question my team at Ericsson got asked. Our reply was a brand new user experience strategy that culminated in an award-winning design system and kickstarting a company-wide mindset shift.

My role in the process was transversal, from helping set design requirements for a custom-created typeface, defining user interface and motion guidelines, helping to craft brand new design and UX-specific principles.


Senior Interaction/Visual Designer


Red Dot & IF Design

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Ericsson Security Manager VR

To test the boundaries and flexibility of the new design language concepts and user experience principles my team created for the Ericsson rebrand, we got challenged to reimagine one of our web-based interfaces as a virtual reality experience.


Senior Interaction/Visual Designer

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TriOptima Design System

A story of how a small team of designers with almost no development resources created a thriving design system used on products that have helped compress thousands of trillions of dollars in gross notional in the OTC financial market.

Or how one motivated designer created 2 Sketch libraries and implemented and maintained a tech stack agnostic CSS/JS framework used in 5 products, where one critical bug could spell thousands of dollars in losses.


Product Designer
Frontend Developer

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Nem Tudo o que Reluz é Ouro

ROLE — Illustrator

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Writing —

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Design Hiring in Sweden 🇸🇪

We have all been there, looking for a new job and being confused by the contradicting advice and tips about what you should be focusing on. How to write the perfect CV, the most impressive portfolio, and engage recruiters with your custom-crafted cover letter…

As someone that arrived in Sweden already in my thirties, I always have the extra layer of doubt, due to potential cultural differences. (…)

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CSS Only Tilt-shift Photography

Or a guide to being able to be as hipster with CSS as you are on Instagram 😎

It’s almost 2020, and web standards have come along more than what most people give them credit for (go forth and spread the good word to your backend friends)! (...)

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Contact —

Like most wild designerus millenius, I can be easily spooked with phone calls, as they are strongly associated with one of our primal predators, the telemarketerus obnoscius.

But emails are a safe bet, so use the form below or email me at hello[at]menosketiago.com