Alien 1979

High on the hype for the then-upcoming Alien: Covenant, I created this humble homage poster for the original Alien movie.

This 1979 cult film pitted Ellen Ripley, her crew of humans, and their cat Jonesy, against the now-classic H.R. Giger-designed xenomorph.

I hoped to capture the original movie poster color palette and typography with a minimal vector-based illustration that shows Ripley in a late film scene, wearing a spacesuit where the helmet offers a brief reflection of the alien creature. The red glow preconizes the upcoming xenomorph ejection into the cold and void of space.

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Ericsson Design System

ROLE — Senior Visual/Interaction Designer

What if a company rebranding could be about more than communication design? That's the question my team at Ericsson got asked. Our reply was a brand new user experience strategy that culminated in an award-winning design system and kickstarting a company-wide mindset shift.

My role in the process was transversal, from helping set design requirements for a custom-created typeface, defining user interface and motion guidelines, helping to craft brand new design and UX-specific principles.

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TriOptima Design System

ROLE — Product Designer

A story of how a small team of designers with almost no development resources created a thriving design system used on products that have helped compress thousands of trillions of dollars in gross notional in the OTC financial market.

Or how one motivated designer created 2 Sketch libraries and implemented and maintained a tech stack agnostic CSS/JS framework used in 5 products, where one critical bug could spell thousands of dollars in losses.

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