Nem Tudo o que Reluz é Ouro

Nem Tudo o que Reluz é Ouro or Not all That Shines is Gold is a portuguese saying akin to the more international "You can't judge a book by it's cover". It is also the name of an handmade screen-printed, limited edition illustration fanzine, with work from many other portuguese illustrators.

False idol is a critique of society's extreme focus on accumulating wealth, to the detriment of other values, like general welfare, happiness, and our connection to the natural world. The art was heavily inspired by the famous American designer Saul Bass, most known for his posters for Alfred Hitchcock's movies.

Book cover
My illustration
My profile page
Closer view
Close up of the gold ink

Making of video

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Ericsson Design System

ROLE — Senior Visual/Interaction Designer

What if a company rebranding could be about more than communication design? That's the question my team at Ericsson got asked. Our reply was a brand new user experience strategy that culminated in an award-winning design system and kickstarting a company-wide mindset shift.

My role in the process was transversal, from helping set design requirements for a custom-created typeface, defining user interface and motion guidelines, helping to craft brand new design and UX-specific principles.

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TriOptima Design System

ROLE — Product Designer

A story of how a small team of designers with almost no development resources created a thriving design system used on products that have helped compress thousands of trillions of dollars in gross notional in the OTC financial market.

Or how one motivated designer created 2 Sketch libraries and implemented and maintained a tech stack agnostic CSS/JS framework used in 5 products, where one critical bug could spell thousands of dollars in losses.

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